Konstantinoupoli, the crossroads of the West & the East!

Departures: 2/23/2022 - 2/28/2022
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  A  city  of polychrome, filthy, intoxicating, at  the  meeting  point of  two continents  -   Europe  and  Asia  - and  two  seas   - the  Black  Sea  and  the  Mediterranean.   A  city      of miraculous  natural placement  and  imaginary  topography.  The remembrances     of its  thousand-year  history, the  richness  of  its  monuments,   the  picturesque  old  neighborhoods, but  also  the  modern  p the wheel    of Constantinopοle, they give it  a  unique  charm . With   her         gaze fixed  on  the West and   her  soul    charismeni  in  the  East, she fits  in the bowels   of  the  most  resounding contrasts.  The  skyscrapers are confused  with    the minarets, the  sirens  with    the  voice  of  the muezzin, the  kismet  with  the  p rhoggrammatism.   The  European  orientation    of  the city  is  in  constant  tug-of-war  with  the  Asian  roots  of its population.  A      city  built  on  seven hills    and surrounded  on  three  sides of water, which   is divided into three sides of  water, which  is the   its holiness    has  been intertwined  by legends,   history  and  poetry.  A      city that  occupies  an excellent  place  in world  history.    A  city  with many  names: Nea Romi, Konstantinou  Polis, Queen  of  the Cities, King.                                    

Departure early the roy for Komotini.  With intermediate stops for coffee and relaxation   , crossing the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, we will reach the afternoon in  in Komotini.   Arranging in a hotel of the city, free time and overnight stay.

After  the  Russian  departure  for  Konstantinoupoli.  Stop  at the     customs office  of the  gardens  for  the necessary  control.  Free  time    in  duty-free  shops.  A  short  stop  in  Redesto  and  the mesimeri  arrives  in  Konstantinoupoli.    Our  first            acquaintance  will  become a private ferry   for  a cruise  to  The Bosporus.    Together  with    our  guide we  would  have  the  opportunity  to  get to know  the  European  and    Asian  sides  of the  city.  He would  enjoy  the  Wooden  ''Giali'' (paradalasian Epavles) of the  Constantinopolitan  Elite,   his   tower    Galata , the  first  and  second        cremated  bridge  of  Dolmah Bahce  and many   other  public buildings and     p salts.  At the   time  of the  return he  would  photograph  the  city  in  the sunset.  Transfer  to the  hotel  in    Taksim area , arranging  in the  rooms. We suggest  a  walk  in the      pezodromo  of  Pera  where there is   no  way to   the  coffees , the  sugars lastia  and    the  commercial  shops  that  are  open until  midnight.   Dianaykteresis. Optional program worth 25€: You  propose  a cruise  to        Vosporo      during which you   will  have  the  opportunity, starting from   the  coast  of  European          Constantinople  and returning from the   Asian  coast, enjoy  the most  beautiful  wooden  "giali" (arathalassies  e.     pavles) of the  Constantinople-political  elite, the  tower  of  Galatas, the first  and  second  ruined  bridge  of  the Bosporus  and
  the  p io  orfos  sunset.  Dianaykterosis.
After  the  prussian      we  would visit  and pray  to the  Oikoumenian patriarchate  and  the  great  of the    genus.   faculty.  Upcoming  tour  of the  Legendary  Hagia  Sophia, the  blue         Tzami, the Byzantine hippodrome  with  the Aegy   Ftian  obelisk  the     tripods of Delphi  and  the  Germanic  lily. Brief visit  to the  palace  of  "            TopKapi" with the precious   thysaurs.     Then we   would visit  the  Great  Skepatic    market  " Tsarsi Canal"  of  4216 shops  which is  of the first  class  an opportunity  to    test  one's  talent   in the    bazaar. Here  you  will  literally find   the  panty  carpets , kilimia, silverware, bamacharika , leather , clothes, pappoutsia, bags   and    pieta  copies  of  the current  collection of large houses   of  fashion.      Return  the  afternoon  to the  hotel  and  the pezodromo  of  Pera    mash perimene the baklavas    , the  Kiun  Efes  and  the        psorbiterol from   the  famous  confectionery  of Gelioglou  and  Inci  as well as the famous      loukoumia  of  Hadjibekir.  Dianaykterosis.
After  the  prussian  will      pass by  the cremated  bridge  on the   Asian side  to    sail the    boat  for    the Princes' Islands the   four  diamonds, Proti, Halki, Antigone , Prince.   We would  visit    Halki  and  the  famous  theological  school, a permanent  stop  in  the Prince. Free  time  for  hiking  and        admiring  the old  Greek  Mansions  and  the  unmitigated taverns  of the  island.  He returned  to the  Asian  side  on  the  famous    Baydad  Avenue where  he  gathered  all  the  aristocracy  of the  city. The names of  the boutiques  of  all  the big  houses  of  the fashion , tasteful  cafes  and  restaurants  create  a European atmosphere  in  the e   piskeptti. In      the      evening, we would have  fun  in  a spectacular 3-hour  cruise cruise  on the  nightly  illuminated       poli  me  food, drink  and  folklore program   with  traditional dances, peristromenes Dervisides ,   oriental  me hanumakia  and  all  the space  with  D.J.Dian overnight. 
After  the  Russian    visit  to the    Dolmah   Bahce Palace   after  the  walls  of ou  e     ptapyrgiou  will pray  to the  historic  Monastery of   Zoodochos  Pigi  ''BALOUKLI'' where there is  the  miracle   asto    agiasma, the  tombs  of the   Patriarchs  and  the  cistern  with  the traditional  fish. Before  the    return    road was taken, we   would  make a  short  stop  at the  famous  commercial  center. ’’AQUARIUM’’. Those who  wish they can    admire              one of   the largest  aquariums  in the  Mediterranean  or  make  their  last  purchases  and enjoy  their  coffee  dip   others  in the  sea  of  Marmaras.    The    mesimeri  will  take  the  road of return . Stop  at the  Border  for  customs  control.  Late  the  afternoon  arrival  in Komotini.    Dianaykterosis.   

  6th  day :
BackAfter  the prussian,   begins our return    with intermediate  stops  on the  National  Road  for  coffee  and    messim fundraising  taste. Arrival  at  our homes  in  the  evening.                                  


  •  Transport - guidance
  • Two nights stays at anatolia 4*   hotel in Komotini
  • Three nights in a 4*  hotel in TAXI plaza
  • Three  prussina and three flavors in Konstantinoupoli
  • The cruise on the grill
  • Excursion leader
  • Travel insurance

  •  Museum entrances,
  • Drinks, tips
  • That it is referred to as a pro-heretic
  • Accommodation taxes in hotels, check point of poles and transits (25€)
  • Optional:
  •   Cruise to Vosporo with private boat only for our office and guided tour 25€
  •  Evening out   with a cruise for fun with hanumakia and dancing in full of menou and a bottle of wine every 2 people. 30 €
  • Travel insurance covid-19 (optional 20€)

Price per person :  295€

Single room price :+100€

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